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Best and Worst Celebrity Faux Tanners

We always have and always will, turn to our leading celebrities for inspiration and style tips and fake tanning trends are no exception. Some will get it right, some wrong and others will get it horribly wrong.

“You could safely bet any celebrity you see on the red carpet will have been spray tanned” says tanning expert Silvia Augello from leading Australian tanning company Bonza Bronz

Admittedly it is becoming harder to spot a faux tan as they become increasingly natural looking, but there is still no mistaking an over bronzed orange bombshell.

We can’t all have our personal tanning artist living in our closets or for that matter own an airbrush tanning machine like Paris Hilton, but with a little bit of practice and know how we can all achieve the perfect fake tan.

So who gets it right and who gets it wrong? We sat down with our friends at leading Australian tanning company Bonza Bronz to get their expert opinion on who gets their faux glow right and who gets it very VERY wrong.

Lindsey Lohan WRONG

Serial offender Lindsay Lohan never uses the correct shade for her pale freckled skin and this is just the beginning of her mistakes. She always goes way too dark and her tans are patchy and palms stained. To create a natural looking tan Lindsey should opt for a super light tan one shade darker than her natural skin tone.

Paris Hilton WRONG

Whilst we hope one day Paris Hilton will get things right, so far there have been more misses than hits when it comes to her tanning techniques. Her biggest mistake is always going too orange resulting in a “dirty” finish suggesting she doesn’t do much prep work or exfoliation before her tan application. She often has a stained hairline as well which is a big no no. Like her pal Lindsey she needs to opt for a lighter shade rather than over tanning and ensure correct pre tan exfoliation and preparation to create an even natural finish.

Victoria Beckham RIGHT

Posh has finally matured and so have her tans. She is always the correct shade and tone and her skin always looks well moisturized.  the   striking porcelain poses one minute to bronzed red carpet beauty the next, Victoria has progressed from her old school orange tanning days to a more subtle tan shade that leaves her looking beautifully sun kissed.

Kim Kardashian RIGHT

With such beautiful rich dark skin to start with, Kim has learnt the art of keeping her skin perfectly uniformed with her tanning technique. She always looks polished and with a deeper natural skin tone she can afford to go up to three shades darker.

Nicole Richie RIGHT

Possessing a natural exotic deeper skin tone naturally, Nicole ticks all the right boxes by adding just a super natural glow to her flawless skin. She can go one to two shades darker with ease and suites both deep dark tones and natural soft shades.

The Golden Girl: Jessica Alba RIGHT

Jessica Alba is the Golden Girl of fake tan opting for a sweet sun kissed tan.Her tans are even, subtle and well maintained and we suspect she seeks professional assistance with her applications.


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