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Simple Style Hacks: Making the Most of Your Beauty Routine

You don’t need to spend hours getting ready every morning to look absolutely fabulous and put together. Who has that kind of time? Instead, streamline your routine! Read these simple styling hacks to get the most bang for your buck (and save time in the process).

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Embrace a “Uniform”

Sure, it’s fun to experiment. But having a signature style will set you apart, save you money, and give your more time for sipping coffee in the morning. Dita Von Teese, pinup goddess extraordinaire admits that her well-manicured look requires much effort. However, she’s been wearing the same Old Hollywood pin curls, cat eye, and red lips for years, and therefore can apply her iconic look quickly.

Which makeup styling do you absolutely love? If the drama of a bold lip paired with simple mascara and concealer makes you feel fabulous, do that! The more frequently you apply the look, the faster you’ll become. The same goes for accessories. Find looks you love and then do variations on that theme. Steve Jobs was a fan of this strategy, as are many fashion editors. You’ll simplify your life and seem oh-so chic!

Check out These Quirky Hacks:

  • For longer-lasting lipstick, apply a coat of your favorite color. Next, take a tissue and place it over top. Now dust on some translucent powder over the tissue. And ta-da! Long-wear lips! Bizarre but effective.
  • Need to tame unruly brows? Swipe some clear mascara through them to keep them in place! It’ cheaper than expensive brow products.
  • For much cleaner skin (without a Clarisonic) try oil cleansing! Take some of your favorite oil and apply a few drops to your hands. Smear it all over your face. It will pull the makeup off. Now apply your normal face wash to take all of it off!
  • Use creamy lipstick as blush! That way, if you need to touch up, you save space in your purse!
  • If you’re running low on time or trying to stretch out time between shampoos, wash only your bangs. Dry shampoo is another lifesaver!
  • To get effortless, quick waves, braid your hair into a few sections and then take a straightening iron to the braids. Unravel for instant, textured strands.

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Organize Your Beauty Space

If you’re anything like me, lack of organization can add unnecessary time to your morning routine. “Where did I put that lipgloss again?” “Why can’t I find my foundation brush?” It may sound trite, but having a place for everything and everything in its place allows you to complete your beauty rituals. Try these organizing tips:

  • Wish you could save space but still keep all your essentials within reach? Arrange your most-used products on a spice rack and swivel at your discretion!  
  • Use old candle containers, thrift-store glasses, or mason jars to hold your brushes.
  • You can also organize your goodies in clear plastic containers. This saves space but still allows you to see everything.

What do you think?    Would you use any of these tricks to streamline your routine?    Leave your two cents in the comments below!

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