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Pink Hair

From jewelry and accessories to hair colour, rose gold is the it-colour of the year.  Yep, hair colour!

Leading Hollywood ladies have experimented with this glowing peach-pink colour  and taken the pastel hair colour trend to a new level. We consulted with the guys at Paul Mitchell Hair Care for their take on this daring yet sweet hair colour and here’s what they had to say:

“Rose gold hair colour is the perfect balance of pink, violet, peach and gold and it can be absolutely stunning on a variety of skin tones and complexions. We’ve seen celebrities such as Katy Perry, Sienna Miller and Rachael McAdams experiment with the peachy-pink shade, each adapting the colour to their complexion by playing up the pink, violet or gold tones. What we love the most is that this hair colour that was once considered edgy or punk has been transformed into a glowing, feminine shade!”

TIP: Don’t try creating this colour at home, always seek professional assistant from a trained hairdresser.


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