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Breathe your way to better skin – Deep breathing techniques to banish stress

If you’re feeling stressed out, do you start to break out?

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Simple Style Hacks: Making the Most of Your Beauty Routine

You don’t need to spend hours getting ready every morning to look absolutely fabulous and put together. Who has that kind of time? Instead, streamline your routine! Read these simple styling hacks to get the most bang for your buck (and save time in the process).

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This year’s hottest non-invasive skincare treatments

Although we’re blessed with an abundance of sunshine in many parts of Australia, all of those warm rays can lead to skin damage over time if you’re not careful. As a result, many of the country’s most popular skincare treatments focus on rejuvenating damaged skin, boosting collagen production, and even contouring the body.

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Coconut for glowing skin this winter

As we move towards winter, it’s hard to avoid dry skin and flakiness as our body adjusts to the cool change. This is something many women suffer from however; you can combat unruly skin with affordable AND natural coconut based products.

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Brow Feathering

Lashtique is constantly keeping up with popular beauty services worldwide and we are excited to announce that we are now offering a Nationally Certified Brow Feathering course as well as Brow Feathering services from February this year!

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Best and Worst Celebrity Faux Tanners

We always have and always will, turn to our leading celebrities for inspiration and style tips and fake tanning trends are no exception. Some will get it right, some wrong and others will get it horribly wrong.

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It's BROWVEMBER at Get Threaded!

Get Threaded is a beauty franchise business that specializes in the ancient art of threading and other as natural as possible beauty treatments. With locations across Australia you can be assured that your eyebrows will be in safe hands as we are the only business with certified, nationally accredited and internationally accredited eyebrow artists.

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Perfumes for Every Season

Have you thought about matching your perfumes to the seasonal changes? Think about the weather and your own unique tastes. Consider fashion trends in the industry, and select scents that match the climate. Even shifting from day to night can suggest a change in fragrance. 

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As winter approaches, a Sunescape survey highlights fake-tanning fears, failures and fixes – to ensure you can maintain a summer glow all year round.

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No more tattoo regrets... PicoSure™ for fast & effective tattoo removal

As the number of individuals with tattoos has increased, so has the need for improved tattoo removal methods. Read More

SIN-CARE Has Skin Saving Serums For Our Lifestyle Sins...SAINTS OR SINNERS

Because years alone don’t determine how we age!

Finally, something to ease the guilt when we have been naughty girls!  If you’ve been misbehaving and skin SINS are showing, then it’s time SIN-CARE.

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5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Skin Young and Beautiful

When you are young and your skin is still flawless, it can be easy to just take it for granted.

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Problem Skin

We hear from so many of you, our readers, about problem skin. What can be done to treat these problems? We spoke with skin expert Suzie Hoitink – RN and Founder of the Clear Complexions Clinics.

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Danielle Newton’s 3 Step Tanning Plan

Nothing says summer more than a glowing tan but often you don’t get the time to develop a safe tan during summer? If you are looking for the just back from ‘my tropical island paradise’ look, leading Australian salon tanning brand PureTAN offers the perfect products for a gorgeous goddess tan that will look perfectly natural and last.

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An Australian Success Story…

The Vani-T brand is synonymous with high performance, ethics, luxury and glamour – we call this Eco-Glamour.

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The life of a Country Music Star

The musical duo, O’SHEA. This dynamic Australian husband and wife team are fast becoming the “hottest property in country music”!

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Top Reasons to use Argan Oil

Argan Oil is one of the most promising, independent products of the cosmetic industry.  Argan Oil or “miracle oil”, as it is often called, contains 80% essential fatty acids, as well as squalenes (skin softening), phytosterols (protects the collagen in the skin) and phenolic compounds (protection against free radicals).



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What is Laser Hair Removal?

So you have heard of Laser but not sure what it is and what it does? Well we talk to Gita Coorey, who is one of the cofounding experts at The Laser Lounge to get fully informed on the benefits and risks of laser...


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Beauty Treatments For A Smashing Beach Body!!

As you know, Summer brings with it a host of fabulous functions and end of year catch ups, not to mention the soaring temperatures that call for more revealing clothing, and the most terrifying notion of all: beach season!

Skin therapist Fiona Furness from Brisbane’s Clinic Aesthetic talks about the pressure to look your best this festive season and shares the top five most-booked procedures in the lead up to summer.


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Beauty Article 2


Everyone loves to look their best on a special day, so what is the best beauty regime to prepare our skin and body for this? We talk with celebrity beauty therapist Amy Erbacher about the preparation leading up to a special day, whether it is a wedding, big birthday, or a formal event.

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Tanning Tips


Many people get turned off “fake tanning” because of bad experiences with flaking, blotchiness, stained palms and knees and the list goes on. Well we have 5 great tips to ensure you have the Caribbean glow you aim for!



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